Connect Concentrate Heating Inhibitor 500ml

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Inhibitor protects and helps maintain most heating systems.
Is designed to inhibit corrosion scale, hydrogen gassing, microbiological growth and boiler noise. Not designed for Primatic cylinder installations.

• Dose Rate: This 500ml bottle is enough to treat a typical 10 radiator heating system, no problems occur with overdosing.
If adding to an existing system it is advisable to treat with Sludge remover before commencing in accordance with
BS7593:1992. Please note where a thermal store appliance is fitted allowance must be made for the higher water content.
• Application: Sealed systems: Additive to be added at a convenient point ie through radiator (if system is empty) or filling loop.
Open vent systems should be filled via the feed and expansion tank. Ensure that the heating system is drained enough to allow the product to enter the system.
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Manufacturer Code INHIB1
Brand Connect
Type Inhibitor